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Olives in metal tin 850ml

Green Pasteurized Olives Whole Metal Tin 850ml OLIVINA

Green Pasteurized Olives Whole Metal Tin 850ml OLIVINA

Code: 100-450-PA

This is our main product. These olives are the tastiest of all kinds of green olives. It's an important variety used in the production of Greek table olives, accounting for about 10-20% of total production. A unique product of Greece that day by day becomes more famous to the international market. It is mainly cultivated in the Halkidiki region of northern Greece. Fruits are larger than Amfissa variety averaging to 91-300 pieces/kg; they are more elongated, with a prominent tip at the bottom; the pit is slightly curved and the flesh has a good texture. They are used mainly for Spanish style green olives in brine, which can be also cracked, natural cracked, pitted, stuffed, pasteurized and black traditional olives which are the favorite of Greeks.

  • 450gr ndw whole olives
  • 840gr net weight
  • 960gr gross weight
  • 12 tins/shrink *  8 shrinks / row x 10 rows = 80 shrinks = 960 tins/EUR pallet
  • 12 tins/shrink * 12 shrinks / row x 10 rows = 120 shrinks = 1440 tins/UK pallet
g/100g whole
Energy / Calories 224 Kcal 936 Kj
Fat 23
*of which saturated 3.3
Cabrohydrate <0,5
*of which sugar 0
Fibre 2.5
Protein 1.2
Salt (NaCl%) 5.8
Water 65.5